High-Performance Simulation-Based Optimization

Das von Thomas Bartz-Beielstein, Bogdan Filipic, Peter Korošec und El-Ghazali Talbi herausgegebene Buch „High-Performance Simulation-Based Optimization“ ist heute erschienen. 43 Autorinnen und Autoren beschreiben den aktuellen Stand der Forschung im Bereich Hochleistungsrechnen, Optimierung, Parallelrechnen, Simulation und Machine Learning. Aus der Einleitung:

Many single- and multi-objective optimization problems in science and industry involve time-consuming simulations and expensive objective functions. Traditional  optimization algorithms cannot be used efficiently to solve such problems. The combination of computational intelligence, machine learning, and high-performance computing can be an efficient way to deal with such problems. The book is intended to be a state of the art of designing high-performance algorithms that combine machine learning and optimization in solving complex problems. This edited book provides theoretical treatments and real-world insights gained by experience, all contributed by leading researchers. It aims to serve as a comprehensive reference for researchers, practitioners, and advanced-level students interested in the theory and practice of using computational intelligence in expensive optimization problems.

Hier der Link zur Springer Seite: https://www.springer.com/de/book/9783030187637