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20 Trends for 2020

Md Kamaruzzaman describes in a nicely illustrated article 20 Trends in software development for the next year. He covers the following topics:  

  • Infrastructure: All roads lead to Cloud
  • Cloud: AWS is awesome but others will catch up
  • Containerization: Kubernetes will be Cooler
  • Software Architecture: Microservices will be Mainstream
  • Programming(overall): Python will eat the world
  • Programming (Enterprise): Java and JVM will reign
  • Java Enterprise: Spring is here
  • Programming: Rust, Swift, Kotlin, TypeScript will make the breakthrough
  • Web: JavaScript will continue to dominate
  • JavaScript Web Framework: React Rocks
  • App Development: Native for Enterprises
  • Hybrid/Cross-Platform App Development: React Native
  • API: REST for peace
  • Artificial Intelligence: Tensorflow 2.0 will dominate
  • Database: SQL Supreme but Distributed SQL will be the Holy Grail
  • Data Lake: MinIO will rise to prominence
  • Big Data Computation: Spark will continue to sparkle
  • Big Data Streaming: Flink for the future
  • ByteCode: WebAssembly will see mass adoption
  • Coding: Low-Code/No-Code will gain momentum

Here is the link to the full article, which was published on Towards Data Science: https://towardsdatascience.com/20-predictions-about-software-development-trends-in-2020-afb8b110d9a0